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One identity wallet for all of Web35

It's your information.
You own it.
You control it.

Main uses Web3 to change how we think about data, starting with your online identity. We place the ownership and control of your data in your hands and not the companies that provide the service, not even us.

Our aim is to give users a single Web3 identity wallet. Think of one single name that you can use across all crypto wallets, metaverses, and NFT platforms.

Blockchain, Decentralized ID's, Ethereum & IPFS are some decentralization technologies at the core of Main.

Finally, Web3 so easy even your mom can use it.

The Magic of A Main Name.

One single human-readable name that allows you to share your information IRL, send and receive cryptocurrency across multiple wallets,  and soon to be your single sign on decentralized apps.

Your single source of truth.




Your country.

Your hometown.

And what makes you, well… YOU

Also, it's no-touch business cards IRL

Main is a way for you to organize what matters the most into separate identities. With each identity, you are able to easily share the information you want to with your family, friends and work colleagues cutting through the clutter of phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles.

All of your data decentralized and completely under your ownership and control.

With Main, a single name allows you to connect any way you want with people who matter the most.

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See Main in action IRL

Using Your
Social Identity

For all you social butterflies, check out how Main makes things easier when meeting people. All while staying in complete control of what you share.

Using Your
Business Identity

You don’t want your work contacts seeing your social media stories from last night. Sharing your business information should be more serious, watch how we got you covered.

Get more out of Main.

Keep your profiles private with Incognito Mode.

Go Incognito. Incognito prevents you from being searchable by your Name. Anyone who wants to connect with you will need your full Main Name. Unlike phone numbers and email no one can contact you using your Main Name unless you authorize it.

Your address book, synced.

Your new address book is here.

Main is your new home screen for communication. A springboard for all interactions even if your friends aren't on Main Yet.

This. Is. Main.